Regardless Of The Spin, Anthopoulos’ Departure Is Solely On Rogers




Depending on what side you would like to believe, Alex Anthopoulos’ departure as much as it stinks and as much as Rogers, most notably Edward Rogers, says they wanted him back as GM the beginning of the end for AA came last winter.

The day Edward Rogers let it be known he wanted to push Paul Beeston out of the teams presidency, and also made it known that he would have no problem going behind Beeston’s back or tampering as the Orioles accused him of doing when Rogers tried to get Dan Duquette, started the motion in the overhaul of the management of the Toronto Blue Jays.

When It became apparent that Rogers was looking outside the organization at a new president, it became apparent that they really had no plans in keeping either AA or Beeston beyond this season. It also became easier once the Blue Jays got off to a bad start and looked like they were going to be out of it in early June.

It isn’t known when Rogers reached out to incoming President Mark Shapiro, but I think it’s safe to say that feelers would have been put out before June. It was said that the Jays had talked to Dave Dombrowski after he was let go by the Tigers, but that also doesn’t mean talks with Shapiro hadn’t started earlier, but I think it’s safe to say that they started before the trade deadline and the offer was probably be the President and GM of the ball club.

It all would have worked out too, except for one small problem, AA who was smart enough last winter not to use up all the money in the budget so he would have wiggle room to add payroll at the deadline. The Tulowitzki deal was even money wise, which left AA enough money in the budget to land Price. We all know how things went from there.

Even as the Shapiro hire became official at the end of August nothing was ever said about AA’s future and nothing was made of any offers of a contract extension, which after the type of run this team went on the last two months of the season should have been a no brainer.

So, now the Blue Jays head into uncertain times, how much does the Shapiro hiring give Rogers and excuse to cut payroll, because it’s not like Rogers has never pulled the plug on a general manager before when it comes to payroll and being forced to cut, having said all that, Rogers who have proven themselves to be an awful ownership bunch would be committing financial suicide with the fan base.

I also wonder if Nadir Mahomed was still the head honcho at Rogers would Paul Beeston have gotten pushed out the door and would we even be talking about Alex Anthopoulos leaving?

Remember it was Mahomed that boosted the teams payroll in 2012 when the Blue Jays made the Marlins deal and Dickey deal, not the current CEO Guy Laurence who has a history of slashing payrolls.

As dumb as it would be to slash and burn, It’s been proven in the past Rogers can’t be trusted and honestly right now I don’t trust Rogers as far as I can throw them right now.




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  3. mlblogsoneflewoverthejaysnest

    I’d be curious to know what really goes on in the front office. I’ve been a huge critic of Anthopoulos up until this year (because he never seemed to desire to put a winner on the field, being satisfied with 81 wins and 2 million butts in the seats) but this year he showed great prowess and foresight in his trades , signings and determination to win. Rogers’ should have been happy with the increased attendance and TV ratings, and we fans would’ve been happy enough to see aA return. I wonder what really transpired. Anyhow, from a fan’s perspective as well as from a corporate one, new boy Tony LaCava would be wise to follow AA’s lead and go for it in ’16 because the window for success won’t be open forever. Estrada needs re-signing and if they can fashion a contract , Price would be a good return even at $30M if there was an out-clause after 3 years or so.

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