Blue Jays 4 Yankees 0; The StroShow

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The StrowShow was well worth the price of admission on Wednesday night. Marcus Stroman’s start against the Yankees was arguably the biggest game of the year, or 22 years if you want to get technical, and with all the hype and expectations Stroman lived up to his StroShow billing as he pitched seven shutout innings allowing five hits striking out five while only walking one. Stroman made it look easy at times as his slider was excellent and he used it early and often. For a team that didn’t have an Ace in July it’s safe to say now they have two of them.

With Stroman’s return it undoubtedly gave the Blue Jays yet another Ace for their rotation and to me the way Stroman has pitched in his three starts he definitely will be on the potential playoff roster and to be totally honest my playoff rotation would look like Price for game one, Stroman for game two, Dickey in game three and Buehrle for game four. I would use Marco Estrada as the swing man out of the pen. The only reason I would do that is because Estrada has done that in the past, meanwhile Buehrle hasn’t worked out of the pen since 2000.

Russell Martin hit arguably the biggest home run this season for the Blue Jays as his three run homer in the bottom of the seventh inning iced the game away. Martin has definitely been worth every penny that he is getting paid this year, from working with the pitching staff to coming up with timely home runs. His postseason experience will come in handy for the Blue Jays this October.

Brett Cecil worked a scoreless eighth inning and has easily become the Blue Jays most reliable reliever and has recorded some pretty huge outs for the Blue Jays, none bigger than his three strikeouts in Monday’s win over the Yankees. Cecil who had his rough patch in June, has been an absolute beast since then, and his curveball may be the filthiest in all of baseball.


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