The Saturday Notebook.


So, it looks like Todd Redmond has joined Steve Delabar and Brett Cecil on the weighted ball program according to a post over at Bluebird Banter in the post Redmond states he’s doing it to keep his arm healthy, well then, let’s hope he has better luck than Delabar and Cecil staying healthy over the course of a full season as both Cecil and Delabar both spent time on the D.L in 2013. Having said that, when they were healthy they were major cogs in a very strong bullpen which was one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal 2013. Redmond is out of options and may not even be a part of the rotation if the Jays are able to sign another pitcher before camp or is beat out by Esmil Rogers or even perhaps Marcus Stroman.

We also learned this week that the Blue Jays five-year policy on contracts is well, just a guideline or at least that’s what Alex Anthopoulos would like to have you believe. AA had said before the off-season that they would be willing to go to six years on special circumstances, and like I said in my Tanaka post the other night I guess he wasn’t a special circumstance. I have said repeatedly that I’m ok with the five-year policy and I get why they have it in place, however I also think that with Tanaka who is only 25 it would have been safe to offer him a 5 plus years deal. I also think that the lack of activity by the Jays this offseason has got the fans frustrated and after hearing the Jays were in on Tanaka and then backed out after it got beyond five-years gives the fans more fuel to their fire about the Jays five-year policy. But at the same time for Anthopoulos to call it a guideline is not right either, for the past several off-seasons we’ve all heard about it. If it’s now a guideline then call it that and never again bring up the term policy.

If you are looking for a little humour be sure to check out the 2013 Jays’ Traveling Circus of Injuries over at Drunk Jays Fans. It’s quite humourous, some I had forgotten about and one even happened when I was at the game and had forgotten about.

Lastly on this snowy Saturday in Southern Ontario, The Blue Jays will hold their annual State of the Franchise on Wednesday night starting at 6:30. The event held for Blue Jays season ticket holders where they can ask Paul Beeston or Alex Anthopoulos questions about the franchise. And after an off-season that has been this dreadfull it should be fun to hear some of the questions that are asked. Well if your not a season ticket holder and are dying to hear the State of the Franchise your in luck as the Blue Jays will be live streaming the event on starting at 6:30 pm. Get your popcorn ready!


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