So Long Dirk!


Bob Elliot buried the news in the bottom of his annual list of Most Influential Canadians in Baseball at the end of December and according to Andrew Stoeten at DJF Dirk Hayhurst announced on his facebook page that he will not return to Sportsnet as a analyst. Hayhurst said he leaves on amicable terms and didn’t say what he had in his future plans.

All I can say is Thank God Dirk is not coming back, I know that there were a lot of Jays fans that enjoyed his work but seriously the guy came off as kind of an arrogant ass. Early last season he kept riding Colby Rasmus on his lack of taking a walk even though his numbers were some of the better numbers on the team. Hayhurst also got into several spats with fans over twitter which did not win him points with the fan base.

Lets not also forget Hayhurst making J.P Arencibia his daily whipping boy before J.P snapped in that infamous interview with the Fan 590 morning show in Toronto back in early July. Mind you J.P was his own worst enemy last season, I never blamed him for going off on Hayhurst or Gregg Zaun for that matter and I’m sure that there were a few of his Jays teammates were probably happy to see J.P call him out.

Let’s not also forget his radio work. He sounded amateurish when paired up with Mike Wilner, and he had some really bad catch lines like my personal favorite “going after forbidden fruit”. So yeah it’s safe to say I won’t miss Dirk on Jays broadcasts or Baseball Central.

As for who will replace Hayhurst on Sportsnet and Baseball Central is anyone’s guess, Paul Spoljaric and Gregg O’Hallaran are on the Sportsnet payroll as they both appeared on Blue Jays Xpress the Jays post game show on Sportsnet 360 or perhaps they will look outside the organization and hire an actual baseball analyst that won’t sound completely amateurish.


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