Rogers Deal With The NHL And Its Effect On The Blue Jays.


Tuesday morning news broke that Rogers had reached a deal with the NHL for the Canadian Rights, it’s a 12 year deal worth 5.2 billion dollars. The deal shouldn’t effect how you watch Blue Jays games till the 2015 season, and even then it would only probably become and issue in Mid April when the first round of the playoffs are and perhaps again during the Memorial Cup in late May.

Andrew Stoeten’s post today at DJF says there is a possibility that they farm out some Jays games to CBC in case of a conflict however I would think that it would be a rare occurrence when it does happen, I mean with Sportsnet One and SN360 I suppose that there could be a chance that Rogers could put the odd game on City TV. I would also imagine outside of a Leafs or Senators playoff game that the Jays could very well stay put on Sportsnet Ontario, while the Marquee NHL games go to Sportsnet One. But that shouldn`t be a problem for 2014.

As for the finances of the deal some have also wondered if this is the end of the somewhat free spending on the Blue Jays. Worry not according to Stoeten`s above mentioned piece at DJF the Fan 590`s Jeff Blair had Rogers Media president Keith Pelley on and asked him up front if the deal with the NHL would have any affect on the Blue Jays. Pelley said that it wouldn`t which should make Jays fans give a sigh of relief.

It does however bring up a point that should be noted, The Blue Jays themselves bring in enough revenue from ticket sales to merchandise to advertising to media rights and so forth to be a big spender so this shouldn`t have become the story that it has the last couple of days. Rogers will make a ton of money off of potential advertisers to more than make up for their investment with the NHL. The Blue Jays won’t be affected by what happens with the TV deal with the NHL, the only thing that will affect the Jays is their own performance on and off the field.


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