The Friday Night Notebook.


Well, the GM Meetings ended earlier this week and unlike last season Alex Anthopoulos didn’t do anything, although I`m sure groundwork was laid on possible deals to happen down the road.

Although just because the Jays stayed silent the rumour mills were alive and well. There was a rumour that the Jays were in as the mystery team on Carlos Ruiz and had apparently had been offered a 2 year 20 million dollar deal, that was shot down by Jays brass as was a rumour that broke late Tuesday night from Philadelphia Sports guy Howard Eskin on this nugget of a rumour.

Yeah, that one sounded like a BS rumour from the start, I mean not even MLB Trade Rumours or the National guys were on it so I don’t think there were any legs to it, although as Stoeten over at DJF pointed out that you had to take the rumour somewhat seriously no matter how bad it sounded. The worst part is that Eskin couldn’t even spell Bautista`s name right. Note to anyone that wants to start bogus trade rumours, spell their names right.

Then there were a few J.P Arencibia rumours one where he was being included in the Bautista rumours. I`m to the point now where I`m thinking that its time for the Jays to move in from JPA, there is a ton of baggage with him after all the shit with the media over the summer and I would think at this point it would be best if both JPA and the Jays part ways. It’s not as if JPA can be R.A Dickey`s personal catcher since Josh Thole is already on the roster for that reason and with it seeming more likely that the Jays are going to look elsewhere for catching help it looks like the writing is on the wall.

Also on Friday the Blue Jays signed Dan Johnson to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training.

Yes, That Dan Johnson. My Guess, he`s a depth guy in Buffalo and probably gets the call if injuries arise, which if 2014 goes like the last two season`s he will be up with the Jays in the second half. Johnson broke in with Oakland in 2005 and showed some power but never hit for a high average and was waived by Oakland in 2008. Tampa picked him up and he played sparingly over 3 seasons never playing more than 40 games and its safe to say he`ll be remembered for that game tying home run off the Yankees in Game 162 in 2011. Johnson played in 3 games for Baltimore after spending most of the year in Triple A. Johnson did hit 21 home runs in the minors for what its worth.

Shi Davidi has a post up at where he talks to Jays slugger Jose Bautista about his off season, the trade rumours, his health, AA`s offseason, the disaster that was 2013 and that dreaded leadership word that the media has been beating like a dead horse. It`s good to hear that he is healthy again and hopefully he can get back to where he was before he got hurt. It would do wonders for Bautista and Blue Jays fans if he were to get off to a better start in April hitting only 200 in 2013 and 181 in 2012.

And lastly tonight, Over at Blue Bird Banter they have a Farewell to Super Sub Mike McCoy who signed a minor league deal with the Red Sox. They go over just how many miles he flew in 2011 at over 51,000 miles. Damn that’s a lot of frequent flyer miles. They also have every position he played as a Blue Jay, which was every position but First and Catcher. McCoy spent 2013 in Buffalo and did not get called up to the Jays


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