Could Some Big Moves Be Coming This Winter For The Blue Jays?


It looks like the J.P Arencibia era could be over sooner than later for the Toronto Blue Jays. The Toronto Sun’s Bob Elliot is reporting that the Jays are interested in the Angels duo of Chris Iannetta and Hank Conger. Both would be an upgrade on Arencibia in every area except throwing out runners on the base paths. Ianetta is due to make 4.975 million in his second year of a three year deal, Conger is not arbitration eligible until 2015. Conger could be the more attractive of the two and the Angels are most likely asking for bullpen arms which the Jays have a surplus of and could use to make improvements in other areas on the roster.

Andrew Stoeten over at Drunk Jays Fans writes of the increasing voices within the Toronto media who are in the Trade Jose Bautista club. In the overall realm of things it might make sense to deal Bautista, but if Rogers is still trying to win points with the fans then it does nothing to help them. In Stoeten’s piece he mentions that the one rumor is Bautista to Cincinnati for Brandon Phillips and Homer Bailey. Bailey would be a big help to the starting rotation and probably be a number 3 type starter in the Jays rotation. Phillips is under contract until the end of the 2017 season, and is rumored to be shopped by the Reds this winter but is also a clubhouse cancer, if anyone believes that kinda thing means anything. Phillips would fix the Jays second base issue almost instantly. The biggest thing to remember though, most rumors that have gotten out during the Anthopoulos era usually don’t mean anything and probably won’t happen.

Like I said earlier this summer trading Bautista would be the wrong move for the Jays for various reasons. Bautista has an extremely team friendly contract, as well, when healthy Bautista is still a 30/100 guy at worst. Guys like that are not easy to replace as much as some would like to think.

In the end I don’t think Bautista does get moved. I think the second base situation gets fixed via Free Agency, but probably doesn’t get done till Robinson Cano signs somewhere. The thinking is that the Dodgers Mark Ellis could be available if the right dominos fall in the right spot. It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that Ryan Goins wins the second base job out of Spring Training.

It was a year ago today that John Farrell left the Jays was traded to Boston and now with the Red Sox in the World Series it has given Jays fans a reason to root for the Cardinals. I’ll be honest I can’t stand the traitor just like any other Jays fans and have openly rooted to see him fail this season and watching the Red Sox success is like having it rubbed in Jays fan’s faces. Having said that, the Jays should have let Farrell twist in the wind until Boston had hired a manager last fall and then fire Farrell.
But I digress. I guess I root for the Cardinals this week for the first time ever and hope they will be the team to wipe the smirk of off John Farrell’s face.


One comment

  1. Gurvo

    Nice article, agree with most points.

    Regarding your last paragraph and the idea that the Blue Jays should have let Farrell twist in the wind – I agree that as a believer in karmic comeuppance, then totally, let him suffer and pay the price. On the other hand, that the team is seen to treat its employees well, even those who have callously wronged them, shows an amount of foresight and merit that could be attractive to others in the Major Leagues.

    In other words, even though keeping Farrel around and then firing him after the job he wanted was gone would have been satisfying as a fan, from their perspective its neither classy nor professional and this is a team that needs to do everything in its power to make itself an attractive destination for players and management types, even incrementally.

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