Anthopoulos Speaks!


Alex Anthopoulos made an appearance on Brady and Lang the morning hosts on The Fan 590 on Thursday and he spoke of many topics pertaining to his under performing ball club.

The topic of Ricky Romero came up, Anthopoulos said that he asked Romero what he wanted to do, if he wanted to go home and clear his head or come up to the big team. Romero wanted to be up with the big team, however he wasn`t guaranteed any playing time by AA. So it is very well a possibility that Romero spends September warming the dugout bench. Anthopoulos added that they again would take Romero off the 40 man roster this offseason. Here`s is where it could get interesting Andrew Stoeten over at Drunk Jays Fans seems to be under the impression that since this would be the second time that Romero is taken off the 40 man roster that Romero could opt for free agency. As much as many Jays fans would love for Romero to opt for free agency to get the club out from under the contract the Romero is still owed, chances are that Romero is smart enough to know that the market for his services probably doesn’t exist right now. Sure some team desperate for pitching just might take him but I doubt it. So chances are that Romero will still be a Blue Jay when Spring Training rolls around and will have what AA called a clean slate and will compete for a roster spot. I think the more interesting scenario`s could crop up at the end of Spring Training if Romero has another disastrous Spring.

Anthopoulos was also asked about second base. AA said that Goins is the best defensive second baseman the Jays have had since Orlando Hudson. He also added that the offence that he has provided is somewhat tempered by his track record in the minors. Anthopoulos didn’t come out and say whether they will be looking at second basemen in the off-season but it would seem likely they will.

Jose Bautista’s future was also broached, when asked if he was an untouchable piece AA said that if the right offer came up they could move him. It’s also why the Jays don’t give out no trade clauses. It’s a smart move and it doesn’t paint you into a corner, and with a team friendly deal I can’t see the Jays moving him but you never say never.

Anthopoulos was asked about the pitching rotation. AA mentioned that Mark Buehrle and R.A Dickey have put behind rough first half’s of the season to provide steady innings, both are on pace for over 200 innings and after last season the Jays could definitely use. AA said that the Jays will look to add another arm in the offseason, and hope that Brandon Morrow can have a bounce back season in 2014. A decision on Josh Johnson’s future with the club and whether or not to give him a qualifying offer won’t be made till sometime in October after the Doctors have checked out his arm. I still think there might be a chance that AA does offer him a qualifying offer in hopes that he can go out and prove that 2013 was a blip on the radar.


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