The Saturday Notebook


Another Mark Buehrle start and another Blue Jays win. Buehrle pitched 7 shutout innings as the Jays held on to beat the Kansas City Royals Friday night 3-2. The Jays also got some great defensive plays along the way including Brett Lawrie’s webgem to end the eighth inning

And then Ryan Goins ended the game for the Jays with a very Roberto Alomar type play. Just imagine if the Jays had gotten that kind of defence earlier in the year, where would they be now.

On Second thought if the Jays didn’t have Mark Buehrle, just how bad would things be.

Speaking of Ryan Goins, he is making one heck of a first impression during this call-up with the Jays. His defence has been an upgrade on anything that the Jays had wheeled out there earlier in the season and at the plate Goins has been pretty impressive hitting .423 with a .444 on base percentage and an OPS of 944. Goins has a 0.4 WAR in his seven games this season compared to Maicer Izturis, J.P Arencibia and Melky Cabrera who combined have a -3.1 WAR. Yep, it’s been THAT bad this year. I know it’s an extremely small sample size and that we probably shouldn’t read a whole lot into it but wouldn’t it be nice to think that the Blue Jays might have their solution at second base and they wouldn’t even have to open up the check book.

Over at Bluebird Banter they review Manager John Gibbons visit with MLB Network Radio’s Cal and Bill Ripken. Gibby was asked if he’s ever see a pitcher fall off the face of the earth faster than Ricky Romero. Gibby said not usually for a guy at the top of his game. Gibby also mentioned that Romero has had trouble finding the strike zone this year. Uh…Ya think? He couldn’t find it last year either. Then the subject of Brett Lawrie came up, Gibbons said the same thing that every Jays fan knew in April, that Lawrie was rushed back and it effected him. Now that his timing is back he seems much more relaxed at the plate now and is hitting like we all expected him too.

And Lastly. Dustin Parkes at Drunk Jays Fans has one of the funnier posts describing an arrest of a fan earlier this season at the Rogers Centre. The police report was so interesting that ESPN’s Keith Olbermann even had the perpetrator named Joe mentioned World’s Worst person in Sports.


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