The Sunday Notebook

Adam Lind took an opportunity to dump on last years coaching staff to Gregor Chisolm, pretty much throwing John Farrell under the bus in the way he handled his coaching staff. Lind adds that the freedom that Manager John Gibbons has given to this years coaching staff wasn`t afforded to last years staff under Farrell.

This isn`t the first time since Farrell left Toronto that Lind has complained about the way things were under Farrell, Lind took to the Fan 590 shortly after the Farrell trade was done, saying then that Farrell talked glowingly about the Red Sox. WAIT! WHAT?!? Is there any other manager that talks glowingly about another organization like Farrell did.

I would like to think this might be sour grapes from Lind who hasn’t had a great year since 09 but others have criticised Farrell’s handling of last season. Having said that, it’s time for Lind to put on his big boy pants and take a look in the mirror and work his tail off to get to where he was in 09, and not where he was the last two years.

As for Farrell, that ship has sailed, Untill the first weekend in April when the Red Sox invade the Rogers Centre. The Fans will have every chance they can get to boo Farrell, who deserves all the booing he gets, but it raises the question, When was the last time a mediocre manager got booed when he returned to face his old team? No one I can think of. But then again no former manager left with such hatred over the way he treated his team before he left as John Farrell did.

In other news, The Home Opener sold out in under an hour, in what has to be the most anticipated season since the World Series years. The Jays did day that there are still good tickets available for the rest of the opening homestand. Hurry and get those tickets though. The Saturday afternoon only has single tickets available in Sections 114-129. The Jays have a pretty good chance to have their best attendance numbers since 1993 when they last drew over 4 million fans, I think it’s safe to say that 3 million is a reasonable expectation. It’s also safe to say that this is the most hyped the Jays have been since 1993 and thats a good thing.

The Toronto Star’s Rosie Dimmano got a little carried away last week in her article on Jays newcomer Josh Johnson. If you ignore the first part of the the article it isn’t the worst piece ever written. It’s just the first little bit of the article that has no business being in a sports article.

It was also announced that 1st Baseman David Cooper has a pretty serious back issue and will not report to camp. Surgery hasn’t been ruled out and from Gregor Chisolm’s tweet it sounds like it could be a long term injury. Cooper wasn’t destined to play in Toronto this year unless the injury bug hit again this year like it did last year. I wish David Carpenter a speedy recovery and hopefully make it onto the field in 2013.

Found Elsewhere on the net, former Blue Jay Jesse Litsch is going to undergo cartilage replacement surgery it’s the first known case where the surgery has been performed so we wish Jesse luck and hopefully the surgery can save his career.


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